We all have something to say,
a story to tell,
success to share.

which is why we created i feel great!, the program that allows you
to share your positive business
or wellness experience as an entrepreneur.

Get to know the people behind the success!

The following benefits are for the experienced IBO to review. If you don't understand them, don't worry. They are available to all IBOs and you have time to learn about them later.

Earn Infinity points – When you're qualified you will earn commissions from every active person below you.

Retain Points for up to 1 year – You have the possibility to retain all points earned for up to 1 year.

Dual Team Maximized -- Enzacta reviews your Power Team and Profit Team based on your points for the week. Which means the computer will reverse the teams to maximize the payout for you!

Expand to 3 Businesses – As you grow you business at a certain level of success, you have the option to insert another business directly under your first business. This allows you to expand your income using all the work from the past and start to increase your earnings at a faster pace.

Note: There is more information about the rewards and benefits listed above that you can explore in our company literature or on the Enzacta website. You can also contact your sponsor or your upline leaders for information on how to achieve these incredible benefits.

As you grow your business, so will your benefits! Learn as you grow, and grow as you learn. There is a reason why experienced entrepreneurs compliment Enzactafor designing a compensation plan that focuses on their IBOs, rather than on corporate profit. Enzacta gives every person a chance to be their own President. It is the reason to join ENZACTA Now!