We all have something to say,
a story to tell,
success to share.

which is why we created i feel great!, the program that allows you
to share your positive business
or wellness experience as an entrepreneur.

Get to know the people behind the success!

What is Enzacta?
Enzacta is a multidimensional marketing company committed to providing health and wellness to people around the world by providing the opportunity to introduce the best nutritional supplements and a generous compensation plan to its IBOs. (link to About Us)

What is Multidimensional Marketing (MDM)?
It is the unique and innovative business model designed by Enzacta founder, Russ Hall. It is a combination of traditional network marketing income plus income coming from outside sources. (link to Compensation Plan)

What does "IBO" mean?
IBO stands for Independent Business Owner. It refers to all those who work as independent distributors, promoting their own business. (link to Glossary?)

How do I start my Enzacta business?
The first step is to contact a current active, registered Enzacta IBO. Once they have sponsored you, you can start building your own network by sponsoring at least two team members, one on your left and one on your right. (link to Starting A Business)

Where can I go to get more information?
Enzacta hosts permanent meetings, webinars, conference calls, and special events, in addition to our customer service hotline. Visit the Contact Us page for more information. (link to Contact Us)

Can my business grow to other countries?
Yes. Enzacta spans seven countries over four continents and is expanding regularly. It is simple for all your contacts in Enzacta countries to join your team and you will receive volume.

What is "BV"?
BV is Business Volume. They are points assigned to each product. For each person in your team who buys BV products, you will earn those points toward your Dual Team Commission. These points are how you earn your commission.

What is "PV"?
PV is Personal Volume. When you personally purchase products that have BV, those points will be added to your Dual Team commission as PV.

What is a Profit Team?
It is the side of your organization, left or right, that has the fewest accumulated points. Typically, by building the Profit Team, you will increase your income faster.

What is Power Team?
It is the side of your organization, left or right, that has the highest volume of points.

How do you earn Dual Team Commission?
By earning PV and BV. By referring to the Enzacta's Commission Chart, you are able to see how much money you earn based on the points you have accumulated.

How does the company pay Dual Team Commission?
Enzacta's IBO friendly computer system provides a unique benefit to optimize your income weekly! Each week the computer determines for you which side is your Profit Team or Power Team to maximize your payout. Refer to the Enzacta Dual Team Commission Chart for your earnings and the Enzacta Calendar for payout dates. Earnings are paid weekly.

If I have a question, who should I ask?
The best person to ask is your sponsor or your upline leader. Their contact information can be found in your Back Office.